Cramer the guy on the cnbc came out today and told people on national T.V. DON'T BUY A HOUSE you will lose money.

Watch the video here.......

My Opinion:

This guy is too much he is a self appointed Know it all and now he is a real estate expert. I do agree with him on investing in real estate right now but for someone who is renting I would say how can you afford not to buy? 

You  should buy a home to live in it should not be a  vehicle to Rich's. It should be looked at as a tool like cars, Tools, ect... Everyone needs a house to live in. Things that you need in life. Buyers should stop and think for a moment. 

Advantages of owning a home

1. Tax write off

2. Peace of mind

3. No one can tell you to move

4. Do any improvement you want with out permission from any one.

5. Pride of ownership. 

If the home happens to go up in VALUE Consider that GRAVY. This is what our parents did. Too many people have counted on there home to be a ATM. If you are RENTING take advantage of the buyers market and low rates. I personally know that it is BETTER TO lead a trail, not FOLLOW one.

Also the BEST Decisions I have Made have been the most Scary. No one knows when the bottom is and when you know its going back up it will be too late.  

I have been doing this allot of years and I do not even know when the market hits bottom until its already going back up.