Every situation is different, but some of the following items are worth considering when deciding whether to buy or rent: You can buy, and enjoy a great tax write-off, OR you can rent and get no tax write-off.

When you own a home, your housing expense might never go up. When you rent, your living costs can go up each year. When you own your home, you can use, decorate, make physical changes and enjoy your home as you see fit. When you rent, you must get permission to make changes. As a homeowner, you build equity, if your home appreciates in value. As a renter, you build no equity. The money you spent on rent is gone for good.

As a homeowner, you are not at the mercy of your landlord. As a renter, you can be evicted. The house you own will become a home, the place where memories are made. As a renter, your living situation is always temporary. You may already have realized the American Dream - and the true freedom and feeling of accomplishment that goes with it. Or, you may still be seeking the American Dream.

It’s more easily attained than you think. Find out how easy it really can be when you have professional guidance.

Thank You,   The Barringer Team