In Tracy's current market it is completely run by bank owned homes.  When a buyer wants to purchase a home there are numerous factors to consider.  Here is a list of factors based on priority.

The Agent You Choose To Represent You Is Almost Everything.  I know you are thinking, "Why is that so important?!"  The answer is simple, you need an agent with many years of experience and one that is well known in the community of other agents.  Most of all the business done by 20% of the agents in Tracy do 80% of the business.  What this means for you, the buyer, is when you are represented by the Barringer Team; the other agent knows they are going to get to the closing table because they most likely have worked with us before.

Fewest Contingencies Win.  We do all of our homework up front.  The lender you choose also really plays a BIG role.  We want to come in with the strongest offer possible.  This means quick close, quick inspection time frames and high dollar deposits.

Lender.  We primarily use Alex Alvarez with Wells Fargo.  The advantages are great!  First, we have been partners for over 15 years.  This means he is accountable to us and you will get a good deal as well as good service. If the home is a bank owned home by Wells Fargo, then it will be looked at more favorably than other offers not using Wells Fargo as their financing.  That's because you are using Wells as YOUR financing. 

Being Fast.  How fast and professional an offer and pre-approval letter is submitted means everything!  The Barringer Team uses a system called Doc-U-Sign.  The contract is signed and dated over the Internet and it is recognized by most banks as a legal contract even though it has no "wet signatures" on it.

Being First To Know.  In the Tracy area many times we are made aware of listings before they hit the open market.  Our sources are the banks themselves, bank listing agents and investors.  All of whom we have working relationships with.