It's a Winner!

Below is a common story happening in our office…

Yesterday a lady emailed about a home and said she heard my podcast about "Writing an Offer That Wins".  She went on about how she's written 20 offers with another Realtor and has never bought a home before.  She said it hit her when she heard my podcast.  She realized her agent was not aggressive enough, didn't have a strategy or any connections in the real estate industry. 

We made a few phone calls to help her out.  We spoke with the representative of the agent representing the investor.  Upon speaking with him, she purchased a home within 48 hours by simply following our instructions and using our "Buyer Advantage System". 

We would be happy to meet with you and explain our simple strategy for free with no obligations.  In our meeting, we will discuss the real estate market in all areas such as, Tracy, Manteca, Lathrop and Stockton.  

Here is Elysia’s; you can e-mail her to talk about her experience with the Barringer Team.  She wants to tell everyone because she is sooooo happy and that is what makes us happy. 

I was so excited about buying my first home.  But as I was going through the motions of finding a home, I found it wasn’t easy at all. 

I met with several Realtors, looked at so many homes for sale and submitted 20+ offers!!  So many offers I honestly lost count!!  I thought buying a home was going to be fun and exciting, but the experience I was having took all the excitement out of it.  I was so frustrated and discouraged that I almost gave up!  Until I read and heard Bill Barringer’s article about “writing a winning offer”.  I was so impressed with what he had to say that I immediately emailed him asking for his help.  Bill introduced me to Nicole, his buyer’s agent, who was absolutely wonderful!  We looked at ONE house, made ONE offer and my ONE offer was accepted the next day!!  I was speechless when Nicole told me my offer had won!  Working with the Barringer Team was the best decision I made. They are awesome and I would tell everyone, “Call them FIRST!” They are not lying when they say “It really is all about working with a Realtor who knows the business!”

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Feel Free to e-mail me, I would be happy to tell this story to anyone.

A happy new home owner!

Elysia Keel