With the media and people talking about the Lome-Prieta Earthquakes's 20 year anniversary, it brings to mind where I was at.  I, as always, was working and was on a "2nd appointment" for a listing in Burlingame, Ca.  The home was built in 1910 and it was a 3 bedroom 2 bath rancher.  The seller was interviewing 3 agents and I was one of them.  I arrived and started my presentation.  The seller was very nervous and his wife was even more nervous.  I was explaining my marketing plan for the home and they seemed impressed.

They then tried to get me to reduce my commission and I simply explained to them that if they wanted me to reduce my commission then what part of the marketing do they want left out?  They finally realized the bigger picture and agreed that I had the best presentation and marketing plan.  They agreed to list the home for a list price of $350,000.  I started the paperwork and helped them with the disclosures and etc.  As we stood up from the kitchen table the husband and I shook hands and then it hit!

The whole house started rolling like a wave was underneath us.  It seemed like it went on forever!  Once it stopped his wife was hysterical and the husband looked at me and said, "Maybe this is a sign that I am doing the wrong thing."  I said, "NO, it's a sign that you are doing the right thing."  I then told him I have to check on my family and asked if I could use the phone. (cell phones were NOT common in those days.)  He said sure go right ahead.  I picked up the phone and it was dead!  We went outside and all the power was out in the entire neighborhood.

Then I started to realize this was bigger than any other earthquake I had been through before.  People were panicking and saying the Bay Bridge collapsed!!  Then I started to panic about my wife and two boys.  I knew my son, Brian, was scheduled to be at soccer practice in San Mateo.  The soccer field was very close to highway 92, so horrible thoughts ran through my mind.  I started looking around and I saw a telephone guy working on a telephone box.  I ran over and offered him $50 to let me use his phone to call my house.  I called my house and my wife answered and they had just walked in the door and they were all fine.  What a relief!  I spoke to everyone and told them I loved them and would be home soon.  Once I got home we all sat down and talked about what had happened.  Brian's story was the funniest because he was running during soccer practice and he kept falling down and he could not figure out why his teammates were all falling down at the same time. As a Side Note I went on and sold the Burlingame home to a couple from Brisbane Ca and listed there home and sold that one as well so I got 4 sides from the 1 listing on the day of the shake Rattle and roll.

Well that is my story of where I was at and what I was doing 20 years ago when the "big one" hit.  How about you, where were you at?