Sgt. Danny Dunne, a long time Tracyite and a 1966 graduate of Tracy High School, has published a novel about the inner workings of our very own Tracy Police Department

He first joined the police department in 1960 as a clerk and his career soon blossomed into becoming a patrolman in 1970 and then later into sergeant in 1976.  He later became a detective in 1980 and continued that until 1984 when he decided to start attending the University of the Pacific in Stockton.  There he studied English and finally graduated with a master’s degree, which has greatly helped him in writing his very first novel entitled “The Blue Mexican”.  

He retired from the Tracy Police Department in 1997 and he now teaches English at St. Mary’s High School in Stockton and UOP.  He also teaches Greek mythology and film as literature at Delta College’s Mountain House campus.  As reported by the Tracy Press, Dunne says, “I tried to keep the interest of the students by relating stories of my work in the police department, and they enjoyed them.  I decided to use some of the stories, and also what I had learned in English classes, to write the novel- some fiction and some fact.”

There will be a book signing at Tracy’s local bookstore, Barnes & Noble, on Saturday, March 20, at 1 o’clock in the afternoon.  You are all welcome to join Sgt. Dunne and talk about his experience with the police department.  See you there!  

Matthews, Sam. "In First Novel, Retired Sergeant Offers Look into Old Tracy PD." Tracy Press [Tracy] 17 Mar. 2010. Print.