Through powerful advertising campaigns, broad online digital visibility, strong word-of-mouth marketing, and the delivery of outstanding customer experiences, CENTURY 21 Real Estate has earned top positioning in a recent Wall Street Journal survey of its readers.

According to the Wall Street Journal's 2009 Residential Real Estate Study, the CENTURY 21 Brand ranks first in the industry in Brand Awareness.  No other real estate company has greater awareness with consumers. That's right.  We have 99% brand awareness among consumers, per the Wall Street Journal survey results.  As for preference, the CENTURY 21 Brand ranks 2nd in "Consideration for Future Business" in that same survey.  That positioning is higher than RE/MAX.  The survey results indicate that over 84% of consumers will consider using CENTURY 21 Office in the future.  That's a huge number of potential homebuyers and sellers who are interested in talking with YOU before they transact their next real estate sale or purchase.

Barringer, Bill. "We're At The Top of Wall Street Journal Survey Results!" 30 Oct. 2009. E-mail.