It was recently suggested to me, by a client, that I should share some of my adventures I have had selling real estate in my 23 year career.  The first adventure that came to mind was when I met this couple who were helping their daughter, who was coming out of a divorce, purchase a home.

Their names were Jack and Shirley and their daughter was Shirley also.  Jack was a retired butcher and his wife a retired Bank of America manager.

Jack and I had a lot in common because I too was a butcher.  We both were "old school" butchers, we "broke beef" we did not get it in boxes like they do today already broke down into sub-primal parts.  Jack and I talked shop and we laughed a lot.  Most butchers have a good sense of humor.  After that we got down to business and started talking about the type of house, financing and etc.

We went out and we looked at 8 homes.  They walked into the very last one, the daughter and the parents fell in love with it.

We went back to my office and were about to get into the details and look at comparable sales so we could come to an amount to offer.  Out of the blue Jack says, "Bill, I do  not want any of this sales b.s., so don't try it!' (and he was very serious, I was taken back by it.)  I replied, "Jack, I would never do that to a fellow brother butcher."

He then said that he would be right back because he had to use the restroom.

We were in the old office located down the street from where we are now and the bathroom was right next to my office.  The bathroom had a sticky lock on the door so there was a certain way to open it and most people would figure it out in a few seconds.  It was an interesting way to see how patient and aggressive people were.  Some people would stand there and quietly try to figure it out while others would immediately cry for help.

Jack entered the bathroom and locked the door and did his business.  He went to open the door and as always, the lock would not open right away.  Well, Jack being the "type A" personality he is, immediately started yelling, "What the blank is wrong with this blank blank door?!?!"  Me, being that type of person I am, saw an oppurtunity to have some fun.  Shirley, his wife, and Shirley, his daughter, had these embarrassed looks on their faces because Jack was being loud and impatient.

I got up from behind my desk and walked over to the door with the sales contract in hand and slipped it under the door and then said, "Jack this how it works, I just slipped the contract under the door, please sign it where I have highlighted and I will then tell you how to get out."

There was complete silence for about 5 seconds.  His wife and daughter were laughing so hard they almost fell on the floor.  Jack finally figured it out and he opened the door with a huge smile on his face and was laughing.

We all laughed very hard and then wrote the offer and they got the home.  They became very good friends over the years and we still keep in touch.

The one thing I have learned is you have to know how to laugh and have fun in this business and 99% of the people I have dealt with over the years love to laugh.  It adds years to your life.