Good Monday Morning!

It was a storming almost all weekend here in the Tracy area.  This kind of weather certainly makes us appreciate our homes.

With the Stimulus Package going to the Senate this week, there will be some parts of it that certainly will have an impact on the nations ailing housing industry.  Some important items seem to have been removed, but the ones that remain could have immediate impact. 

What we are seeing though is that there is a continuation of 1990s home prices and great mortgage interest rates in our market.  We do not know what kind of effect the Stimulus Package will have, but we do know that right now is a unbelievable opportunity to purchase a home.  We are finding outstanding purchases for our buyers every week. It certainly is time to take advantage of this market if you are thinking of buying a home. We are seeing "Flippers" back in the Market. Investors buying homes and re-selling them at a profit. My 23 years in the Business has taught This is a VERY good Sign that we are either at bottom or very close to the Bottom of this Decline. Real Estate will Come back like it Always Does. Will you be there when it Rebounds? 

Call or e-mail our office and lets get you started and set up a Consultation appointment. 

With Highest Regards

Bill Barringer