So I walk into an open house the other day and after I browse around a little while the agent asks me what I think about the price.

“I think it’s high” I say. (Honestly…I think it’s about $200,000 too high!)

“Ya, me too” she replies. She then proceeds to tell me the story. Seems the seller hates Realtors, thinks they can’t be trusted and told her that over dinner a few months ago (They’re friendly acquaintances…YIKES!) Naturally, the seller ultimately calls and informs her that she’s going to get the listing…but the seller wants no advice of any kind on any topic! No opinions are to be expressed about staging or decoration, marketing, timing or advice about inspections…etc. Naturally, the seller doesn’t want any opinion expressed about the price of the house either! All the seller wants is an agent to put a sign in the yard and do open houses. (Why this person just doesn’t do a For Sale By Owner or use Help U Sell or Redfin is beyond me!)

Ultimately, the agent here is going to spend a whole lot of time resenting the seller and feeling like she’s wasting alot of time with this listing. You know what? She is!

Imagine doing this in any other area of life. You go to your Dentist and tell him/her that you don’t want any opinion expressed at all about anything…you just want your root canal done under your specific instruction following something you might have read after doing a Google search. Or how about this…you go to a restaurant and inform the waiter that you hate restaurant people and insist on going back to the kitchen yourself to supervise how your meal is prepared and then served. You name the business, imagine taking control of it cause you don’t trust the folks working there. How much experience do you suppose this seller really has with selling a house? 95% of the really experienced sellers I’ve known in the 20 years I’ve been a Realtor have bought or sold 4 or 5 houses in their lives. I sold 4 or 5 houses in June.

Clearly, there’s idiot realtors out there. In my experience though, the vast majority of folks I know in this business are really honest, hard working and committed people. Not wanting advice from one as in the story above is simply amazing to me. Of course, it sort of goes without saying here…if an agent agrees to take a listing this way it really will amount to the blind leading the blind. I guess they deserve each other!