Spring is here and we are enjoying the Green hills and blooming of beautiful Flowers here in Tracy,California.

When is it a good time to invest in residential Real Estate?  This is a question that I am asked very often.  My standard answer these days is "NOW"!  Several years back when residential home prices were at their peak and mortgage interest rates were higher than they are today, we saw investors standing in line and entering into bidding wars to purchase investment homes.  At that time these investors had no chance of purchasing a property that cash flowed, yet they were eager to buy.  Today we have unbelievably low home prices.  In some case 30% lower that during the heated market.  In combination with the low home prices we also are experiencing historically low mortgage interest rates.  Additionally, we are seeing rental rates remain steady at at about the same rates as during the hot market several years ago.  With this combination investors should be rushing to buy.

Over the past year we have helped many veteran Real Estate investors and many new investors make some great purchases that not only cash flow today, but will have a great return on their initial investment down the road as the market picks up and home prices go on the rise again.  Clearly if you purchase at the bottom of the market your investment is going to do much better than buying at the peak.  Today, I am seeing so many opportunities out there that it would be easy to find great investments for many.  We are also helping investors take their retirement funds and invest them through self directed IRA's which is a great way to purchase investment property.  

If you are thinking about investing, don't wait.  The combination of being at or very near the bottom of the market and the current low mortgage rates will not last forever.  In fact the governments announcement that they will soon discontinue the purchase of mortgage backed securities is a sure sign that interest rates are soon going on the rise.  If you would like to explore the purchase of investment Real Estate, please contact me for a no obligation consultation.

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