If you are planning on buying in Tracy then this post is packed with information. When buying a home it is smart to get familiar with the different school zones for obvious reasons. Below is a link to three maps. One for elementary schools, one for middle and one for high school zones. Print these maps out and use them as a reference when you are looking at the homes. Below you will also find a link to www.greatschools.org which has ratings for each school.

Its important to note there are 3 elementary school districts in Tracy. Each are listed below.

Brian Barringer
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Maps from http://www.tracy.k12.ca.us/

Click here for a TUSD Elementary Schools Boundaries Map

Click here for a TUSD Middle Schools Boundaries Map

Click here for a TUSD High Schools Boundaries Map

Find the API ratings at http://www.greatschools.org/.

Elementary Schools:
Art Freiler: 826
Louis A. Bohn Elementary: 820
Hirsch Elementary: 812
George Kelly Elementary: 806
Louis J. Villalovoz Elementary: 785
Jacobson Elementary: 771
Gladys Poet-Christian Elementary: 768
South Elementary: 761
 McKinley Elementary: 761
Central Elementary: 732
North Elementary: 670

Middle Schools:
Discovery Charter: 818
Monte Vista Middle: 748
Williams Middle: 743

High Schools:
John C. Kimball High 796
Tracy High 754
Millennium Charter 734
Merrill F. West High 719


Elementary Schools
Anthony C. Traina Elementary 842
Monticello Elementary 828
Tom Hawkins Elementary 837

All schools in Jefferson are K-8. They go to highschool at Tracy High or Kimball depending on where they are located.

Elementary Schools
Bethany Elementary 879
Lammersville Elementary 842
Wicklund Elementary 857

All kids then go to Kimball High. These schools are in MoHo(mountian house) except for Lammersville.