There is a real probelm with the Mountain House Community Services District.  The problem with this water-garbage company is that their website, at which you can pay your bill, continues to have problems.

There has been two instances where payments were posted to a bogus account, which resulted in them shutting off service for non-payment, even though there had been a confirmation number issued.  Once when they shut off a service, a family had a couple members of their household ill with the flu and they couldn't flush the toilets.  It took them a while before they found the payment and promised the family that their service would be back on in one hour- it took five hours for them to turn back on the service.

Twice, this particular family had to update their address on Moutain House's website to pay their bill, and each time they would go back in the system, the old address would re-appear and it would not allow them to pay the bill because the address was incorrect.  Once, they paid their bill online and it showed their payment listed at the bottom with a confirmation number; then they received a notice on their door for non-payment, and when they went back into the website to confirm their payment, the payment and confirmation number were gone.

Other residents in Mountain House have the same problems with this company.  The billing coordinators are of no help, nor can they fix the website so that this doesn't continue to happen.

And when this family recevied a 48-hour notice to make payment or else, they told the billing department that their daughter would go down there with a check or cash, and they replied that they would not take checks or cash.  Who doesn't take cash??

They said the family would need to take them a money order to pay through their website, but the website continues to be a problem.  What can be done about issues like this that don't have it together and do not help their customers?

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