In this market it is more important than it has ever been before to get pre-approved for your financing before starting your search for a home. The banks will not even look at offers unless the buyers have a full  written commitment letter from a reputable lender.
There are many benefits for a buyer to go with a big lender now a days. Wells Fargo, for example, owns many of the foreclosures on the market in this area and if you write an offer on one of their foreclosures they try and show preference to someone who is using their company for financing. This is just one of the many strategies you will get from our "Barringer Buyer Advantage" system.
This is what you will need to provide to Alex Alvarez, our preferred lender with Wells Fargo, to be pre-approved. 
He needs to look at your:
  • gross income,
  • monthly debts and
  • cash available for a down
  • full name,
  • address,
  • social security number and
  • date of birth to preview your credit

He can give you a good idea of what you can do with this information.

To pre approve you he will need the following paperwork from each borrower:
  • 2007 and 2008 W2's (Federal Tax Returns with all pages if you are self employed)
  • Current pay stubs reflecting a full months pay
  • Last two bank statements with all pages including any other accounts with assets
  • Copy of your driver’s license(s)
You may also apply online on my secure website at 
Just e-mail us if you would like Alex to give you a call at