Back in 1986 I started my career with Century 21 Alta in San Mateo California.  I and another guy, Fraiser, were brand new.  Fraiser was a retired jet pilot for Chevron executives and he flew them around the world for 30 years.

We kind of buddied up and went on home tours in San Mateo.  Home tours were on Tuesday's.  Home tours are when realtors have brand new listings they want to make all of the agents aware of.  So agents will tour homes with their client's needs in mind.

Well, this was our second or third tour.  Most realtors will open the home and put refreshments (i.e., donuts, coffee or orange juice) for the realtors on almost all of the listings and the realtors will tour the home with their donut and coffee.  So Fraiser and I read the sheet and pull up in front of this home and the front door is open, as is most of the homes on tour.  We walked into the house and there on the kitchen table are some donuts and orange juice.  Fraiser and I grad a donut and start walking the property.  We figured the agent must be in some other part of the property.

We were walking down the hallway and we see this guy getting out of his bed with a startled look on his face.  Fraiser says, "Oh, excuse me, but you better get up, there will be a lot of realtors coming through any minute."

The guy says, "What are you talking about?  Who are you?"

Fraiser replies, "We are the realtors and your home is on tour, right?"

He says, "I don't know what you're talking about, my home is NOT for sale!  The home next door is for sale."

We had walked into this guy's house, helped ourselves to his donuts and started walking around his home!  We were lucky we didn't get shot. He was very nice about it and we all had a good laugh.  Needless to say, we double even triple checked from that day forward before we walked in a home on tour.