My little brother Charlie Barringer, fire Capt for San Bruno Fire, was the first engine on the scene of the San Bruno fire which I am sure you have all heard about in the recent News. Charlie was the shift commander that night at the skyline station which is about 2 blocks from the location of the Gas explosion. Charlie is in the middle of the very last picture. I am very proud of him as I always have been and I am sure our Mom is smiling down from heaven." He was always her favorite" LOL. They arrived on the scene and the explosion blew the water main so there was no water. He radioed the other responders to hook up at hydrants in neighborhoods that were about a mile away which really helped get water to the scene quicker and allow them to save a lot of homes and lives. He also called in another Alarm.
Kudos to you little bother. I love you and am proud of you. Thanks to you and your crew. 

Big Bother Bill

Click on link below and listen to actual radio transmissions. It is interesting because it is the entire County and you hear how it went down step by step as it feels like you are almost there.

Charlie's  Engine is 52, Command 32. He was 1ston scene you can hear him "describe Multiple homes on fire" ect..ect..