The Tracy real estate market is still surviving and in some cases thriving. However, I am continually asked about recovery. The bottom line is that the timing is hard to predict, but one thing is certain, foreclosures, Short Sales and other distress sales must be purchased in order for the recovery to have a fighting chance.

One thing we have done in order to better serve our clients is to become experts in the Short Sale process.  Like other areas of our business, we have found the difference in getting these sales to closing is preparation... we know the process and we are good at it. 

If you know anyone who needs assistance in dealing with their lender to accomplish a sale or if you know anyone behind in payments who needs help... have them contact us ASAP.  We have saved sellers from foreclosure and sold their home as recently as this month.  Timing is critical, and having someone who knows how to negotiate with lenders is crucial to the success of that process.