The Market continues to Roll. It seems like all of the Buyers have jumped into the Market all at once. You cannot blame them either it is the Best time in Years to buy a home. Prices are at 1990 prices and Interest rates are still a low.

Allot of people are buying now because there are rumors rates might go up so this is making 1st time buyers and investors jump into the market.

There are still rumors that more R.E.O.s are coming but have yet to happen. We will keep you posted if that changes as of now we still are having too have use our Buyer Advantage system I have created From being in the business for 23 years. The majority of the agents working in the industry know nothing other that a Good Market.

I have worked in every type of market that the business has to offer. My 23 years have taught me how to survive and get our clients offers accepted over maybe 30 other offers. Let me show you how. Contact me any time at or call 209-833-7777.

Bill Barringer

Real Estate Broker

Team Leader