It's a Tough Market

It's a Tough Market


If you have been out there in the Tracy Market you most likely are very frustrated  right now For a # of reasons.

1. Inventory is at a all time low.

2. 1st time buyers and Investors have all jumped into the Market at once.

3. The Banks are in Control of the Market in the Tracy Area and they are showing favoritism to offers that are all Cash and offers with large Down payments.

4. The last type of offer the Banks are considering are F.H.A. offers and V.A. offers because the under writing guidelines make the banks have to do Repairs and The Banks like to sell there inventory "AS IS"

Our Team is having success getting offers Accepted by using our " Buyer Advantage System"

We have developed Strategies to get our offers accepted. Most agent's have No Plan other than writing offers and praying they get accepted. Below I have Highlighted just a few of many strategies used in our system.

1. Your Lender plays a much larger role than you realize in getting your offer accepted.

2. Your choice of Your representation is everything to get your offer accepted.

3. Writing an offer to appeal to asset managers.

4. A Fact known in Sales of any kind is: 20% of the sales Force does 80% of the business in any type of sales. In Real Estate Sales that 20% likes to work with people who are also part of that group because they know they will get to the closing table and that agent Will bring them people who have gone through the process of Full written Loan Approval. Now ask your self this question is your agent in that 20%. The Barringer Team is and has been since 1990 in the Tracy Area.

This is just the Tip of the ice burg of the Strategies we use in our system, To schedule an appointment for a consult call or e mail us now so we can get you into a home before the 8,000 Dollar tax credit expires on 12/1/09





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