It never fails. Seems like any time I get a new listing, in the first hour of the first open house somebody inevitably asks me this question. ” Is the seller flexible on price?” Honestly, that’s really an astonishingly stupid question…isn’t it? Is there anybody that you know on Earth who puts their home on the market for sale and expects to take a big price reduction…on the first day! I mean, do these folks imagine me sitting with the sellers and having a conversation like this?

Me: “Well, we’re off and running. I just put the house in the MLS and our first open house is tomorrow.”

Seller: ” Great! Remember Bill I’m real flexible on price. Make sure those potential buyers and those agents know that, OK?”

Me: “Sure, no problem. How much under the asking price do you think you may want to go?”

Seller: “Oh, I don’t know. Maybe $50,000 or so. I just want to make sure those buyers feel like they’re getting a good deal. That’s my goal.”

Folks, if you believe any of this please call me because I have some really great ocean front property to sell you in Tracy.

Seriously, I’ve never met a seller in my career who had any flexibility on the first day of the listing. If you like the house and want to make an offer on a listing that’s been on the market one day…get ready to pay at minimum somewhere close to the sellers price. Heck, the truth is most sellers entertain the fantasy on day one that they’ll get multiple offers and their house is going over asking. Even if it’s a complete dump! Now if you’re asking that question on day 72…that’s a different story.