The inventory of homes listed for sale in the Tracy, Mt. House, Lathrop, area continues to decline. Part of this decline is due to seasonal trends. Each year the inventory of available homes for sale hits the lowest points from November through March. This year with the existing low housing inventories in combination with seasonal trends, the availability of homes for sale in the Tracy, Mt.House, Lathrop area could reach some very low levels. This also means fewer homes for sale for the many buyers currently looking. With home prices at low levels due to the downturn in the housing market over the past five years and historic low interest rates home buyers are out there in large numbers right now. The combination of low housing inventories and large numbers of available home buyers has created a seller market. This means more demand, fewer days on the market and potentially higher sales prices.

The common thought has been that it is best to wait until Spring and Summer to place your home on the market for sale. This can often times mean putting your home on the market when housing inventories are increasing and even peaking. This would mean more competition and potentially longer times on the market and a lower sales price.

My suggestion for anyone considering the sale of their home would be to get your home on the market soon and don't wait for the Spring and Summer time periods. Less competition due to low inventories and existing low mortgage interest rates are creating a strong sellers market right now. Call 209-833-7777 and or e-mail