Here is an important message from our home inspector on removal of trees in the Tracy California area.



With all the recent news regarding fallen trees from wind and rain, here is some information for all of you to consider if you or someone you know has a tree fall in their yard.

Last year the insurance industry paid out $4.5 billion in tree related claims.  In response, insurance companies are creating formal tree-removal programs and demanding that only "qualified" professional tree companies perform the removals for their clients.  They do this when someone tries to cut a tree up or remove it from where it fell.  Many times, the person doing the tree removal causes further damage than that caused by the tree falling.  A qualified tree removal service has the appropriate training, equipment, licensing, and insurance to remove fallen trees.

Each state and many local municipalities have licensing requirements for contractors and may impose fines or penalties against the contractor and or property owner for unauthorized work.  Many states require that a certified arborist be on the staff of any company performing tree removal.

Many municipalities also require permits for tree removal...including damaged or dying trees.  Failure to obtain a permit may result in fines to the contractor and or property owner.

Most contractors are not properly insured to perform tree removals to cover the costs of damage that may result from damages that occur as a result of removing a fallen tree.

If you or someone you know has had a tree fall on their property, be sure to think twice before pulling out the chainsaw and hacking it up into future firewood.  It is best to contact your insurance agent first and let them take care of hiring the appropriate professional.  If you are determined to remove the tree yourself or hire someone yourself, please be sure you ask them for proof of insurance and check with the city you live in to see if there is a permit requirement for removing a tree from your yard.  Remember, just because a tree is located on your property doesn't mean you are exempt from obtaining permits for proper removal and replacement.

If a tree is planted in your front yard, it may be a City Owned tree and removal and replacement is not only the resposibility of the city, but a requirement.

Be sure to check before removing any fallen trees so you don't get strapped for fines or legal fees.