Have you read this article yet? It was featured in Business Week.  My first thought, wow! what a blunt andbroke harsh statement! But the writer, Mark Roth, uses this head turning title to get your attention to make excellent points for those who are on the fence.  Namely that interest rates are at an all time low, in fact, the lowest in 40 years. He noted that in the late 70s, rates hit a high of 18%! Can you even imagine buying a house at 18%? In the 80s, when rates dropped from 12% to 9%, my parents practically danced their way to the 1st refinance of their home.  Generation X'ers probably would never dream of purchasing a home above 7% given all we have ever known are super low rates hovering between 5-6%. Mr. Roth points out the history of previous interest rates as well as the impact of rates on one's purchasing power. I happen to agree with his prediction that as the economy becomes more stable, interest rates WILL rise to hedge inflation.  My prediction has been that by this time next year, rates will have risen 1-2% at a minimum.