Recently we have seen buyers coming to the office or calling and having friends send them listings that are already pending. What I mean is if today you look on the mls there are approximately 350 homes active in Tracy California. But what the public does not know is we have MLS Rules that make us mark Short Sales active even though they are actually pending meaning the seller has already accepted an offer. They only allow us to mark a Short Sale pending ONLY when the BANK accepts the Short Sale which can sometimes take up to 8 months to get approval. So this is why you should  not believe all of the information you get off of these sites like trulia,, ect... Only believe what we send you through our system otherwise you are in for allot of frustration. As I stated above there are approximately 350 homes active on the MLS but there are really only 150 if you take out all of the Short Sales that already have offers. This is why there is so much competition for buyers and almost always we are in multiple offer situations. Look for Active contingent that means they already have an offer and don't get involved because the Best you could do is try and put a back up offer in but that sometimes is hard to do because these homes sometimes already have 2 or 3 back up offers already.