Every year, and for as long as I can remember, the big question that always seems to come at every open house I’ve ever done is the inevitable…How long has it been on the market? I’m not sure why that’s such an interesting question to everybody. There’s SO many ways to interpret that question too! First of all, to me at least, it sort of implies interest in the property? I mean, if it really sucks and you hate it, what difference does it make how long it’s been on the market? So, assuming it’s OK and you sort of like it..what type of outcome are you hoping for by asking that? If the answer is “48 hours” does that make the place more interesting and desirable that if I said “48 days”? Or “148 days”?

I mean, if the place is really intriguing to you and it peaks your interest a bit…do you like it less if it’s been on for 148 days? Does the remodeled kitchen with that nice granite seem crumbier if it’s been on longer? Really, I can see the looks on people’s faces when I tell them “48 hours”…it’s definitely different from when I say “48 days”. The big question, for me at least, is…are you more interested if you think somebody else might like it too? If I say “48 days” doesn’t that sort of imply that those other folks have looked at it and found it wanting…and therefore maybe I shouldn’t like it either? Maybe there’s a problem with it that I don’t know and that’s why nobody else has liked it?

Really folks, it’s always seemed to me that plenty of people like a place and then discover it’s been on awhile and then like it less. As if the important thing, at the end of the day, is how somebody else perceived it. There MUST be a problem…otherwise it would have sold, right? I really think all of these feelings are in full play when people buy a place. There’s plenty of homes on the market in Tracy right now that have been on the market for awhile…and a bunch of them are actually pretty nice too! I’m not passing any judgement mind you…I’m just observing.