More Horror Stories

It really is pretty horrifying out there, that’s for sure. Seems like every day I’m hearing some new story that makes the hair stand up on the back of my neck. It’s simply amazing what’s going on out there right now. Every house I call on seems to have the same story,  wild overbids and no contingencies are the rule. I keep writing about this so I guess you’re getting used to it? Well, I’m not. Here’s a story to make your blood run cold:

There’s a short sale in Tracy that was listed on Friday It’s a 1720 sq ft 3 bedroom, 2 bath  No virtual tour or photos. In the listing’s agent notes it says in big capital letters:


So I drive by the house with my client, she likes it and I call the listing agent on Saturday morning and want more info. I call the listing agent and she tells me she has 5 offers on it. Less than 24 hours into the listing. “Has anybody seen the house?” I ask. “No” she says. All the offers have come in subject to seeing it. 2 of them are all cash. Who buys a house sight unseen? I guess at least 5 people!

I think I may make this a weekly post and category. “Horror Stories”.