Happy Birthday Molly!!


Molly was born 2 years ago on January 14th.  Her mother was a 3 pound Chihuahua stray who gave birth to 10 babies!  The people who adopted her were not able to take care of that many new born puppies since the mom could not take care of them.  That is when our sweet daughter in law called us to see if we could take one. Well, I’ll tell you, we already had 5 dogs and one of them, the oldest our senior Queensland's healer was diabetic and we were giving her 2 shots a day. But of course, I said we would take one if we could have a female.

I went with Sarah to pick her up in Concord and I couldn't’t believe how tiny those pups were.  They were 11 days old and weighed about 6 oz. There was only one girl in the 5 that were being adopted out, so the choice was easy. Even though I knew that raising a puppy was going to be hard work, I was excited about finally getting my tiny dog.

You have to understand our Barringer Pack. First there was Bobbi. She was a Queensland’s Healer that Steven found in front of Safeway. She was our first dog. Next came Rocky, a mixed breed chiwawa ( both Rocky and Bobbi are gone now) Then, because my mother in Denver breed shi zu’s I wanted one. I saw an ad in the paper for half shi zu and chi puppies and Steven & I went to get one.  We gave her to Bill for Father’s day. This is our now old girl Betsy. (Rocky and Betsy starred in a commercial for the Barringer Team). After Betsy, my mom came to visit and guess what? She brought a puppy! She was on the way before I told Bill. That’s how we got our pure bread Prince Charles Rupert. A couple of years later and Bill, the softy, came home with a real chi wawa puppy, That was Camino. He was soooo cute and my real chi today. But he grew to 7 pounds!  That’s is why I still wanted a very small chi that I could take places in my purse.

Anyway, that’s the pack.

When I got the baby home, that’s  when the challenge started.  She had to be bottle fed with special formula and I bought a small pink dog crate. I put a heating pad in it and towels. I also put a stuffed bear that was 3 times bigger than the baby in it for her to cuddle up to. We were very lucky that the puppies were sleeping thru the night, but I kept her crate right by the bed on the table so I could hear her thru the night.  We took her to work every day and I bottle fed her it seemed like weeks.  I weighed her every day and do you know, she was growing and growing. After she was getting about one month old her eyes opened and she started to stand on her little legs a little.  Bill was so worried about her that he did not want to get attached because he was afraid she would not make it.  I made sure that I was doing everything that a mommy dog would do to keep her growing.  And she kept growing! I could tell by the records that I kept of Camino that Molly was already getting bigger that Camino was but she was such a cute little dog. Because she was so little, I didn’t let her go outside for a while. I am glad that she is big because I just don’t know how you can have a 2 lb dog around with out stepping on it. Turns out that she is 10 pounds! Even bigger than Camino and sooo cute!

 She just knows that she was special and the princess of the house.  I dressed her in little doggy dresses and she is so cute!

Once Bill knew that she wasn’t going anywhere, she became his DAUGHTER!.  He has spoiled her, I have to tell you. She does this cute thing when you hold a treat in front of her and ask her to wave, she waves her paw and it is so cute! Bill is the leader of the pack and he takes all 5 of them for a walk every day behind our house. They all get so excited and they know when they are going to go. All of our dogs are very special to us and of course we love them, but Molly really is a special dog because she is so lucky to have dog parents that love her so much. Click here to see pictures.


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