I wanted to bring something newsworthy to your attention.  It's so very interesting to me that as I watch our local real estate market, all of the indicators point in the direction of it improving.  While there is much information out there that suggests the housing market is in a slump, and that New Home starts are way off, that may not be bad news for everyone.  New housing starts' being off is great news because it reduces the amount of inventory in the marketplace--less supply creates more demand for what's available--and that's good right now.

Recently on the TODAY show, Matt Lauer had Barbara Corcoran as a guest and she presented the 5 Biggest Real Estate Myths. I found them to be very interesting, so I'm including the link here for viewing this short 4 minute presentation.  Please take a couple of minutes to view it and let me know your thoughts.  You'll see a short commercial before the presentation begins.  Click on the link below and it will take you right to the presentation:


Now is a great time to make that buying or selling decision before the market takes off and prices get difficult to afford once again.

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