Today’s The Day

Well it’s finally here. Doesn’t it seem like this campaign started just about the time the Giants won the World Series? In 2010? Two Billion Dollars spent by both candidates bringing us to this point…too bad about 90% of that didn’t go toward deficit reduction instead. I guess I’m amazed at several things about this election  but maybe the biggest thing is the twitterization of how folks (me included) now see everything. Seems like everybody’s opinion is a sound bite, a tweet. I don’t really hear that much substantial, thoughtful commentary about this election and I REALLY hate the Facebook posts some of my “friends” put up. Obama’s the most evil person on Earth for not personally saving the Libyan Ambassador’s life. Obama personally chose to abandon him? Sort of like George W Bush was personally responsible for Hurricane Katrina’s aftermath. If Romney’s elected, senior citizens will all collectively be separated from Medicare and/or be thrown into the street. That kind of thing. I guess I really think that both Romney and Obama are honorable men who love their families and their country yet have differing positions on what’s best for our futures. I really don’t think either none of them have evil intentions.

I had a client who was about to write an offer on a house in Tracy a week or so ago who asked me if it was my opinion that the real estate market would collapse if Obama was re-elected. That’s what he’d heard from folks at work. Me thinks not. The 2012 market did, after all, get hot while Obama was President. It’s also funny to me how folks on both sides seem to often have overlapping philosophy’s that are contradictions. We had a nice night with friends on Saturday who are staunch conservatives and their whole argument was that government would only cause problems, was a drag on productivity and the smallest possible government certainly would be best. They were appalled by the deficit and strongly advocated a basic Tea Party perspective on taxes and governments role. A while later we were talking about our kids and it came out that their troubled 15 year son has been sent to a closed boy’s school in Utah following a couple of run ins with the law and drug use. The cost of the school…$8500.00 a month. “Wow, how can you afford that?” we asked. “Oh, it’s paid for by the county.” they said. I guess discomfort with government has some limits?

I don’t know, I guess I just wish we could all have some more objectivity when talking about the candidates. We all seem to be allot like baseball fans talking about our teams. We’re always right and they’re always wrong. I have a cousin who’s a Dodger fan and she steadfastly refuses to acknowledge ANY Dodger weakness..when we all know that they’re glaring! the Giants on the other hand are flawless. Isn’t that obvious to everybody?