So I spoke to a nice couple last week who have a house to sell in Tracy and it was the house that the gentleman here grew up in. It’s in trust, but has a probate connection because of a brother who was on title and also passed. These folks explained to me that they’ve been inundated by real estate agents who have swooped down upon them…wanting the listing of course. I’m not sure why this surprises me, it’s just that I NEVER have sought out clients this way. Sort of feels like ambulance chasing to me but I realize that I do not hold the corner of the market on knowledge of how to find business. It’s just the stories they were telling me!

Agents just walked right into the house without knocking. Some brought contractors back to get bids for repairs…without asking. More than one told them they could happily sell the place for them…right now, to one of their clients for $190,000. It’s in an area that I just sold a listing last month for $340,000. “Folks why don’t you just forget about the hassle of fixing this place up and just let my buyers take it off your hands?” Great…at a SERIOUS discount! Just to watch it get flipped in about 2 months.

I guess the point is that sellers should beware. There’s nothing like letting a property be exposed to the market so that the market can determine it’s value. There’s also nothing like preparing a home for sale to maximize it’s return. Patience and planning really are virtues.