Yesterday we met with a couple who have been looking for there 1st investment home and have been looking for over 3 months. They had called on one of our listings and it as always sold very quick like within 4 days and had 8 offers 6 being all cash. Now as we were sitting and explaining the market and how to write a winning offer the investor said we like to work with the listing agents only that way we get a better deal. As of late this was not the 1st time I have heard this. Many investors are thinking this. Here are the reason that they are hurting themselves.

1. Many times the listing agent will get hundreds of calls on 1 listing and will either not return your call or return it in 3 days after the home is sold.

2. The Tracy Market is driven by the banks and the Banks have caught on to this practice and require the home be on the market for at least 2 weeks before looking at offers and frown on offers from listing agents and prefer to see offers and from Buyers agents from a different company.

3. Over my 24 years in the business I see different methods pop up to get through the back door sort of speak, but then die off because the rules have changed and a realtor can face fraud charges and lose his license for not presenting all offers to the seller. Play by the rules and you will have success.

Don't think you are out smarting the system you might just be outsmarting yourself and making it that much harder to get a nice home.

We here at the Barringer Team have many closings under our belt and know all of the top listing agents and when our offers come across their desk they know there chances of closing this deal just increased by 100% because we always close and close on time. Also here is what a BUYERS AGENT DOES FOR YOU. click on link below to learn more.

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