Short sale homes continue to be a large part of the Tracy and MT. House housing inventory. The number of home owners facing foreclosure or who are just having trouble making their house payment still seems to be growing. Short sales with the bank offer a good alternative to foreclosure for many home owners.

For buyers, short sale purchases can sometimes offer an opportunity to purchase a home for what might be under market value. If you are considering a home purchase and want to include short sale home listings into the homes that you look at then you must be aware that the purchase process for a short sale may not be easy. First of all the process may be lengthy. It is not unusual for a short sale to take 3 to 4 months. Patience is the key here and many buyers back out of the sale because of frustration well before the short sale has even been approved. If you don't have the time to wait and you aren't going to be patient about waiting, then don't look at short sale properties. With short sales you also have to remember that you are negotiating with the home owners bank. There is no guarantee that your offer will be accepted by the bank, even after the long wait. It is a gamble for sure.

One of the key elements to purchasing a short sale is to make sure that you are being represented by a Real Estate agent who knows the ins and outs of short sales. If your agent is not a short sale veteran it may be a frustrating experience for you. One of the largest problems is that many times the listing agent is also not well versed in dealing with short sales. Having agents on both sides who are not short sale experts may be an impossible situation. Make sure that if you are looking at short sales with an agent that you ask them if they have experience and then check with references of other short sale buyers who they have assisted.

If you would like to explore the purchase of short sale homes, please contact us. We are experts at helping both short sale sellers and buyers. We have helped hundreds of local sellers and buyers go through the short sale process. e-mail us at or call 209-833-7777 we look forward to being of service.