So last week was our annual Century 21 Awards Dinner.  We don’t usually go, but this year was special to our team.  First off, it was held in Monterey, a favorite place of mine as well as the team’s.  Secondly, we were the #1 team out of 19 Century 21 M&M offices and 750 agents! We also ranked #3 out of all Northern California teams and #44 out of the whole country.  “What an honor!” Bill thought.  So he rounded up the gang and we headed to Monterey ready for a fun filled rewarding trip.

We got there Thursday morning and checked in to the Marriott Hotel right on the wharf. And to my astonishment Bill and Pat had ordered champagne and strawberries to my room, as well as Brian’s and Sally’s, with a special card for me as well as a happy birthday card for my mom. They truly are spectacular people! 

What a beautiful day!  On the drive up, the hills were so fresh and green with the little yellow weeds scattered about everywhere making for a very spring picture.  The sky was as blue as could be with beautiful puff clouds strewn about.  It was about 65 degrees with a slit breeze.  We couldn’t ask for a more perfect day to be in Monterey.   

After the hotel check, we headed to Cannery Row.  One of my favorite places.  It’s 5 blocks of cafes, galleries, shopping and fun!  It was made popular in the mid 1800s for canning purposes obviously, but later in 1945 John Steinbeck wrote about the many treasures Cannery Row has to offer.  It sits right on the water, so a day like we had last Thursday was perfect for strolling along “the row”.  We had lunch at a little bistro right across the street from the Monterey Bay Aquarium.  As we sat and had lunch we watched all the little children scatter around coming and going from the Aquarium on their fields trips. 

Once lunch was finished and our stomachs were happy, we headed to our favorite spots to shop, one of them being Silver, Sand and Stone.  We can never walk away with out getting one little treasure.  This time it was special though as it was my mother’s, Karla, birthday.  So the gentleman in the store gave us a special deal.  He said to pick the most expensive thing in the store and he would give her 70% OFF of the total purchase price! What a nice guy!!  My mom picked what she wanted and we went on our way.  We walked up and down Cannery Row taking pictures of the beautiful scenery.  I couldn’t get over how beautiful it was that day so I kind of went over board with picture taking. 

It was time for us to leave to go back to our room and start getting ready for our wonderful dinner at the Marriott.  I started getting ready immediately because I knew something would happen and I wouldn’t have enough time if I didn’t start right away.  Low and behold that’s just what happened.  My mother decided to take a quick nap and she found herself rushing at the last minute because we had to meet Bill and Pat in their room for a “pre” cocktail party.  Luckily she doesn’t take as long as I do to get ready so we were only a few minutes behind.   

Around 6 o’clock Bill, Pat, Brian, Sarah, Andrew, my mom and I headed down to the Mezzanine floor where we were embraced by hundreds of Century 21 employees.  It was great fun!  Cocktails were flowing and people were having a grand time.  Once it hit the 7 o’clock hour we entered into the San Carlos Ballroom where we sat and awaited our delicious dinner.   We started out with a wedge salad wrapped in a strip of bacon with blue cheese crumbles splattered on the plate with Cesar dressing.  Our second course consisted of beef, seafood or vegetarian.  I chose to be a vegan and had the vegetarian dish.  It was puff pastry stuffed with spinach, corn, carrots and an array of vegetables.  It was superb!  It came with two strands of asparagus, mashed potatoes and couscous.  Bill, being the gentleman he is, bought the ladies at the table 2 bottle's of chardonnay.  It was absolutely amazing.  Then came dessert, my favorite part, it was tiramisu, I believe, but whatever it was I finished it of course.   

After all the eating was done the award ceremony started.  That seemed to take quite awhile but I was entertained by the guests at our table.  The comedians of the night were Juana and Grace.  They kept us entertained the duration of the evening.  Around 10 o’clock the awards had ended and we headed up to our rooms to rest up for our next day in Monterey.

I woke up and went on a spectacular run along the wharf.  You could see the clouds coming in along the water because there was a storm headed our way.  Once I got back Bill and Pat wanted everyone to meet downstairs to have breakfast.  So we did just that and after breakfast my mom and I headed to our utmost favorite place to visit, Carmel.  It was not as clear as the day before in Monterey, but it was just as beautiful.  We drove down to Carmel State Beach and got out.  Let me just say I have never seen it so empty down there, but I could understand why once I stepped foot out into the elements.  The winds were blowing probably at 20 mph and the sand was hitting you like little pellets.  It didn’t daunt me because I love Carmel so much!  We only stayed on the water for about a minute and then we were back in the car trying to find a place to park so we can continue our shopping.  We went to our favorite bakery once we were settled and I grabbed a quick coffee and my mom had a shortbread cookie.  We didn’t get to stay long because of the weather, but the time we did have there was amazing.

Bill and Pat are the most gracious people ever!  I can’t thank them enough.