I read a news story lately about a man who, although late for an appointment, stopped to help a stranger on the side of the highway change a tire.  Nice, right?  Just hold on… The tire being secure, the man gets in his car and drives off, but a couple miles up the road suffers a heart attack!  Meanwhile, the man he had just helped with the tire came along, called for help and performed CPR until medics arrived – saved his life.  If the first man had not stopped to help with that tire, the second would not have been able to get there in time to rescue him.

The message here is not original, but is a very simple and profound truth.  Soon or later, you get what you give, often multifold.  And not just the normal things you do for people in your everyday life.  It’s the special times, the times when you see an opportunity to do something meaningful for another even though it is not convenient or enjoyable for you.

As Thanksgiving approaches (for the U.S. anyway), take a minute to think about the news story I mentioned, and by turns put yourself into the position of each man.  Imagine how grateful the guy felt who needed help changing his tire that someone had enough empathy to pull over on a highway and provide assistance.  Imagine the depth of gratitude the man having the heart attack felt to have someone there who knew what to do to pull him through.  Imagine what the outcome would have been had neither of those two events happened?

What are you truly grateful for?  Who made what happen in order for that to be possible?  You never know how deeply what may seem like a simple act on your part impacts another person.  So look for those opportunities, enrich someone else’s life… as well as your own.

May You and Your Family have a Wonderful Thanksgiving.

The Barringer Family