Bank of America is just so bad I cannot even begin to tell you. We are located in Tracy, California where the majority of all our sales are Short Sales. Our Values have taken about a 65% hit to the down side. We have been forced to work these Short Sales now for the last 4 years and I can tell you that Wells Fargo and Chase are getting allot better to work with as of late but I can tell you in the realtor community it is well known that Bank of America has gotten Worse. Every deal with them is delayed for some stupid reason. We have 3 Short Sales going with them at present. 

    On the first one, just one loan but has MI.  After much effort the MI approved making sure that they will get their amount they needed (we cut commission by 1% as they do  not allow the seller to contribute because we are in California, which is bull).  Investor approved, I have been talking to our negotiator asking where is our letter.  It has been 2 weeks now and we will need to do another extension to give buyer 30 days.  She says that the new rules are that she has to give everything to their quality control after she gets investor approval.  They look at it and if there is anything missing it gets kicked back to her. then the corrects it and sends it in again.  It goes into a queue.  Every time I call her she SAYS she has talked to her manager etc. but going on another week and still no approval letter....

The two others are with UTLS.. boy oh boy, they really need babysitting.  One has been in the system for 4 months had a cash buyer but they sent it to the wrong  vendor(LRC) then they got it to UTLS and they sent it to the wrong agent email.  Our buyer left us and we were able to get another cash buyer they are still dragging it out and now we have a sale date of 8/30.  Finally talked to the negotiator who is handling it and she is sending out the BPO. We can't possibly close by 8/30 and she told me she can't postpone till 7 days before the date.  They sent it to the wrong vendor and we had to call and call for close to 60 days to point this out to them. No wonder there Stock is going down and down. There is NO Accountability, One negotiator told us you have to keep calling all of the time to stay on these people otherwise they don't do anything. 

We are doing 2 other Short Sales with Chase and Wells Fargo and they CALL US with updates. What is Wrong with Bank of America it has to be the leadership. Does anyone have any ideas on how to get through to these people?