You can get $75,000 Dollars from the city of Tracy to use as a down payment for this Home.
Here is the program, 

FREE MONEY! Get you share of $1 million dollars!


Well, I hope that got your attention, its not free money but its just as good. This is important that is why the font is so BIG!!!!!
Qualify for a $75,000 loan from the city that works as a silent second. What that means is you don't make payments.
The deal is when you sell your home you only have to pay the 3% interest. There is about one million dollars in funds for this program.

It is seriously important that all young people or any person who would be a first time buyer in the city of Tracy to know about this program. This is a perfect opportunity to be able to afford your first home, using this as a stepping stone to building your wealth. The city has an interest in rebuilding downtown, and you have an interest in owning your first home. You can grow with the city of Tracy. That's the way I look at it.

Below is a few links that help explain the program. It is the city of Tracy down payment assistance. To find out if you qualify give me a call and we will start the process together. Stay in Tracy and own a home.

Below there is also a direct link to the city's website, A recent Tracy press article titled "A home of her own" and a ABC news10 story on the subject.
This program combine with prices coming down you can get into one of these homes for what you rent for now.

1)Tracy Press ARTICLE
Jennifer Wadsworth / Tracy Press / Tuesday, 14 August 2007

2) Tracy Helps Residents Buy First Home Video

3) City of Tracy Page

To qualify you must buy a home in this AREA:

Why Rent?

Your income has to be at or below these requirements:
Maximum Annual income and house hold size requirements must be met to qualify:
I hope this spells out the details for everyone in black and white. Even if this program wont work for you, it could work for someone you know. I bet you know a family member for friend who can take advantage of this program.
Forward this information to someone who  Can Use it!