I can't believe we are into spring already.  It seems like just yesterday we were celebrating the New Year!  However, I wanted to share with you this months podcast and what it has to offer.

The main topic is the discussion of the $8,000 tax credit offered by the Obama Administration. Obama's new plan is that the homebuyer will have to be IN CONTRACT by April 30, 2010 and CLOSE the purchase by June 2010.  That is great news for all the buyers we have out there!  And, California is offering an additional $10,000 tax credit on top of the $8,000 offered by the federal government.

Also, we encourge you to take a look at our blog.  We recently had a client who came to us after writing 20 offers with another agent and got nowhere, so we wrote ONE offer for her and that ONE offer was excepted in a matter of days!  Using our "buyer advantage system" we were able to get her into contract and get her closed.  Read more about it on our blog entitled "It's A Winner". 

As for the market here its the best time to buy!  Click here to hear the reasons why.

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