As you know I've been actively recruiting the community of Tracy to help in a truly good cause over the past few months.  Jeannie Duckworth at decadent pets operates a non-profit organization called Lucky Paws.  Through Lucky Paws, she has set up a food bank at her animal grooming store here in Tracy to take in dog and cat food to help feed the animals who's owners are down on their luck with employment or out on the street because of tough economic times.
The thing that I find most rewarding about this project is that it is keeping dogs and cats out of our already overcrowded animal shelter...and is keeping animals from being destroyed because of overcrowding.  People who can feed their pets don't turn them loose or drop them off at shelters.  And local statistics show that since this program has started, the # of strays and animals dropped off at the shelter has declined considerably!
Think of it in these terms.  If you lost your job or household income, you would likely use your savings, etc. to keep your family members fed and to keep your home.  Your pets would likely become "luxury" items that would have to be given away or taken care of by someone else in order for the family unit to survive.  This is what many people in Tracy are faced with, unfortunately many have turned to releasing their pets to fend for themselves where they get hit by cars or injured by larger animals.  Or, they take the animals to the shelter where their life expectancy is likely to be cut short through euthanasia if the animal cannot be adopted out.  Imagine your best friend who has always been at your side and always greeted you with their tail wagging when you walked in the door from work every day being put-down before their time because you could not afford to take care of them.  I'm not trying to over dramatize this, I'm trying to get people to think about the reality of this problem in our current economic situation.
Helping support this food bank saves animals lives, and it helps keep them in their loving homes with their families.  I can't think of a more humanitarian cause than keeping families and their precious pets together.  I know if I had to give up my little dog, I would be devastated, and I know she would be too.
So, if you are a pet lover, or have a friend that is a pet lover, please forward this message to them and ask them if they would like to participate in this program by dropping off a bag of dog or cat food every week or two to the food bank program at Decadent Pets.  A large bag of dog food costs less than $25 and a bag of cat food is even less.  For my part, I've been donating $25 from each home inspection I do for pet food.  I know $25 / week is a lot for some to pay out.  Even if you can set aside $25 every two weeks or even $25 a month, every little bit helps.
Their store (Decadent Pets)  is located at the corner of Grantline Rd. & East St. in Tracy.
Anything you can do to help these people and their pets in our community is greatly appreciated. 
For those of you who have been contributing, and for those of you who who would like to help out in the future, god bless you for your kindness and caring for others in our community!
Larry Hite
Tracy Home Inspections