Aloha Family and Friends,

Just wanted to catch you up on our trip.  We leave Maui tomorrow. So sad. The weather is just getting normal this week. Pleasant 80's and very mild wind.  Bill and I really are enjoying the time here. 


Highlight of our trip was the trip we made to Molokai.   Molokai is a smaller neighbor island just 8 miles from Maui. It is a very rural island with a population of just 8,000.  There are no traffic lights and only one road. It is famous because of Father Damien and his work with the Leprosy Colony on the peninsula of Kalaupapa. We really wanted to go to the colony and pray at Fr. Damian's grave, but the only way down there is either to hike the 1,700 foot high cliff with 28 switch backs or take a mule down.  We decided to wait till they have plane service.


We went over on the ferry from Lahaina at 7am. The ride over was pleasant all though a bit rough.  We sat on top so we could see whales and sat next to a sweet elderly lady going over by herself.  Bill had her cracking up the whole way but once the boat took an extreme dip we almost lost Shirley!  She gripped the seat back in front of her and the man in the seat gave her a look  and she told him "Don't even think about it, this seat back is MINE!: My hand is not moving until we hit the dock." Bill and Shirley just laughed the whole way. Bill kept making jokes like he was going to hit the Airport for the trip back and Shirley agreed, She did not sign up for this, It was a Great time and as always in times of stress you have to have a sense of humor and we did make it over and we buddied up with Shirley the rest of the Trip. She reminded Bill so much of his late mother, Virginia. This lady was tough traveling all by herself from Seattle she is a widower, and was groomed to the hilt, her nails done and hair done not taking anything off of anyone. It was a delight being with her, a sweet lady. 


We took a tour via bus and our tour guide was Rudy who has lived in Molokai all his life.  It was a great tour, we went to the coffee ranch and visited a natural Macadamia Nut farm.  Lunch at the Molokai Hotel was good too.  After that we went to St Joseph's Church, one of the three churches that Fr. Damian built. It is restored to the condition that it was built. I have to tell you that both Bill and I felt such a presence of God there that it brought tears to our eyes. We stayed a while to pray and one of our prayers was answered that day! (more on that later)


It truly was an experience that we will never forget, especially the boat ride back. To travel 8 miles it took 1 hr 45 min! Talk about rough... we just wanted it over.  Got back to Lahaina by 5:30.


We are really going to miss this place. But its time to get back to realality...until next year.


Much malaho,




P.S. please enjoy the pictures!